I feel deeply moved to have been elected to be the next President of the Chicago Psychoanalytic Society. Looking over our long history, many of the analysts that I have idealized have served as President, and more recently current presidents have been friends and colleagues of mine but no less admired. So I feel I am entering into a very esteemed group.
To have been chosen President carries some other meanings as well— both for myself and the Society. I will be the second woman chosen in over sixty years, Barbara Rocah being the first; therefore, my election shows how we are on the road to greater inclusivity and diversity. In keeping with this expanding role of the Society, we are also hoping to have much greater diversity among our members.
Dennis Shelby, the immediate past president, has led us through a difficult but exciting year with excellent speakers. Using Zoom has greatly increased our attendance. As I look forward to the next two years, I’m hoping to continue in this vein, bringing in speakers presenting contemporary ideas with relevance to psychoanalysis, with a mixture of Zoom and in person meetings.
Please let me know if there are particular persons you know of and would like to hear as a speaker, and/or specific topics that you would like addressed. I will do my best to consider all suggestions.
With thanks to everybody for your support, my very best wishes go out for a safe year. We are excited to host a stimulating array of speakers and programs.
Lucy Freund, PhD