Northbrook, IL

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Hannah Weiss

In choosing psychotherapy, one opens to the pursuit of awareness and authenticity. While this journey is sometimes arduous, most experience a sense of fulfillment previously unknown. Those who choose to see me often wish to uncover barriers which prevent them from living creatively, peacefully, expressively, and authentically. I aim to provide a warm, nonjudgmental atmosphere where individuals feel comfortable exploring all aspects of their being, including hidden dreams and desires. Such exploration is often accompanied with reductions in anxiety, depression, impulsivity, or inhibition.

When we approach what is with friendly curiosity, a space for what may be arises. In this deeply meaningful process, one discovers that the complexities and contradictions inherent in being human can be understood and reintegrated in the therapeutic space.

I am a recent graduate of the Adult Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Program at the Chicago Psychoanalytic Institute.

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Consultation
Adults, Adolescents, Children, Groups
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Morgan Stevens

I am a staff therapist at The Family Institute at Northwestern University providing psychotherapy to Young Adults, Adults and Couples. I have been immersed in psychoanalytic training since my graduate studies at New York University and training at various Psychoanalytic Institutes in New York. I am currently a Fellow at both The Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis and The Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis. I have experience working with individuals and couples who are struggling with intimacy and forming relationships, feelings of depression, integrating past and/or present trauma as well as life stage transitions.

My orientation is based in contemporary psychoanalytic practice drawing upon relational and object relational theories. I believe that the foundation of any effective therapeutic work is a genuine therapeutic relationship based on trust, honesty, and empathy and I value creating an environment that feels safe enough for you to express your concerns. Additionally, I practice from a multicultural framework and have experience working with individuals from a wide variety of cultural, socioeconomic and sexual identity backgrounds.

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
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Northbrook, IL